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Local businesses are coming together with help from the Wilton Manors Business Association to keep customers safe: by installing AED equipment.
- Christiana Lilly, Editor


Businesses Prepare for Cardiac Crises

By John Hayden

It’s been seen it in movies and TV shows like ER and Grey’s Anatomy: dramatic scenes where patients are shocked back to life. While those may be over-the-top recreations, the situations are very much a part of real life.

Now, businesses in Wilton Manors are installing AEDs, or automated external defibrillators. The Broward County Fire Code requires them, but doesn’t pay for them, forcing each business to spend big.

To help offset the cost, Wilton Manors Business Association (WMBA) is partnering with Code RED and buying the kits in bulk. WMBA President Gary Van Horn says the AEDs can be bought for about $1,100.

AEDs are pads that are placed on a heart attack victim’s chest. The pads are wired to a control box that takes a user through the process step-by-step and starts analyzing the patient. Once it determines if a shock is needed, it tells the rescuer how to proceed.

A look at local and national headlines shows the need. In January, Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin took a hit on the field that threw his heart out of rhythm. Emergency crews used CPR and an AED to help bring him back to life in front of a packed stadium.

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WM Finance Director Says ‘Bonjour!’ To Retirement

Pennie Zuercher was named finance director for Wilton Manors in the city commission chambers on September 8, 2019, and she received a standing ovation. Now her last day is set for Nov. 30.

Transgender Day of Remembrance Events in Town

Since 2015, at least 29 transgender and gender-nonconforming people have been killed in Florida. In their honor, we celebrate Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20.


SMART Ride Begins Nov. 17

Glen Weinzimer has organized 19 trips from Miami to Key West, a 165-mile bike ride to raise money for HIV/AIDS service organizations. Now, he’s preparing for the 20th and final ride, which runs from Nov. 17-18.


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SAT: Grocery and Turkey Giveaway

The Sanctuary Church in Fort Lauderdale is hosting its annual grocery and turkey drive-through giveaway in partnership with area organizations, including The Pride Center.

SUN: Equality Garden Club Plant Fair

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MON: Transgender Day of Remembrance

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Job Opportunities

Regional Store Operations Manager -- Wilton Manors

FairPoint Communications is hiring a regional store operations manager to manage rental rates, discounts, customer protection plan, and other income sources; monitor and control expenses; perform semi-annual audits and facility checklists; and analyze financial reports.

Bartender -- Oakland Park

Flanigan's is hiring a bartender for its Oakland Park restaurant who can mix liquor and drink ingredients to recipes as well as serving guests from the food menu.

Friday's Furry Friend

Handsome Bolt is a 3-year-old German shepherd mix who is looking for a family.

After having a home for only 6 months, Bolt was given up because the grandkids are afraid of him, even though he loves kids. He is 58 pounds and a little thin, so he should probably gain a few pounds. Bolt is potty-trained, likes to play and gets the zoomies while running around.

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